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The Measure of Success

At COMTRADE, health and safety are paramount and the most important measure of our success. Through our senior management team’s diligent efforts, they consistently maintain a culture among employees at every level that safety is the top priority, every day.

This strong focus promotes standard development, ongoing communication, training, evaluation, and regular practice enhancements in all areas of health and safety to deliver consistent, continual improvement.

Using aggressive incident prevention and proactive safety planning as core building blocks, we actively work towards a benchmark of zero incidents, while keeping our workforce safe and delivering peace of mind to our customers.

Every member of our management team and staff is committed to fulfilling their responsibility to health and safety by acting accordingly. They understand and believe that anything less is unacceptable.

At COMTRADE, we are relentlessly devoted to creating a safe and healthy work environment that every employee deserves and can be proud of. Our strong industry safety record reflects our success in meeting this commitment.

For more information on COMTRADE’s health and safety, please contact:

Craig MacDonald
Craig Macdonald
Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator
Phone: 519.650.8785
Cell: 519.591.4061